Guide to Gemstone Properties   

Ancient Birth Stones     Modern Birth Stones

Agate   Inner Calm, serenity, tranquility, peace of mind.
Amethyst   Symbolizes freedom, spiritual nourishment, attainment.
Amber   From the Greek Electrum meaning golden/sun. Associated with treatment of headache.
Aquamarine   Balances imbalances, stabilizer, filter.
Aventurine   Transcendence, release, over coming adversity.
Bloodstone   Intuition, ancient blood invigorator.
Carnelian   Stimulates wisdom.
Citrine Quartz   Sunstone, health bringer.
Clear Quartz   Healing, clarity, amplifies the powers of other stones.
Diamond   From the Greek - adamas, unbreakable, indomitable, renders poisons harmless, drives away madness and night spirits.
Emerald   Linked to fertility and the Earth Goddess. Sacred to the Goddess Venus.
Fluorite   Centering of mental focus, mental clarity, mental sharpness.
Garnet   Inspiration, compassion, creativity, rejuvenation, health restorer.
Hematite   Emotional grounder, helps with mood swings. Surrounds wearer with a protective shield.
Jade   Good fortune, prosperity.
Lapis Lazuli   Good health, new ideas, symbolizes truth.
Malachite   Amplifies prosperity, good fortune in money matters.
Moonstone   Creativity, healing at emotional and physical levels.
Obsidian   Clear vision, future seeing.
Opal   Renders bad intentions harmless.
Onyx   First of the stones in power bringing. When cut to show concentric circles, wards off evil and becomes a protective eye. Has great powers against enemies.
Pearl   Enhances curative powers.
Peridot   Soothing, comfort.
Ruby    Associated with royalty, strengthens the heart.
Rose Quartz    Enhances self esteem, symbolizes love, emotional healing forgiveness.
Rutilated Quartz   Accelerated healing, enhances charisma.
Sapphire   Renders black magic harmless. Connected with the eyes, vision, future.
Smokey Quartz    Powerful ancient stone. Protector from negativity.
Tigers Eye   Clear vision, fortitude, resolution.
Tourmaline   Raises vibrations, raises life force.
Topaz   Amplifies the creative flow.
Turquoise   Symbolizes laughter, humor, confidence, purpose.

Ancient Birthstones

January... Garnet
February... Amethyst
March... Malachite
April... Clear Quartz
May... Agate
June Rose... Quartz
July... Onyx
August... Smokey Quartz
September... Lapis Lazuli
October... Hematite
November.. Obsidian
December.. Turquoise

Modern Birthstones

January... Garnet
February... Amethyst
March...  Bloodstone
April... Diamond
May... Agate
June... Emerald
July... Ruby
August... Moonstone
September... Sapphire
October... Aquamarine
November ...Pearl
December... Turquoise

Modern birthstones such as diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and others are a recent, modern innovation (within the last 100 to 200 years). Because of their extreme hardness, ancient people had no way to cut and polish them and some of the stones were too rare to find. For the last 5,000 to 10,000 years the ancient birthstones were in use in the Far Eastern, Babylonian, Egyptian, Grecian, Roman and ancient Sumerian cultures.

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