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The Listener

The Listener

2nd Place winner at San Luis Obispo Art Museum 2013 exhibition
"A Dollís Tale: Artist Dolls"

LIST#1          $600.00

We probably all have people in our lives who talk incessantly, are full of themselves, and who can be very annoying at times. I am dedicating this piece to several people I know who are like that. Some of us do put on faces that do not reveal what is going on in our heads as we listen to these people. Realizing that this may not be a friendly or warm attitude on my part, I made the doll metallic and cold with a heart that has a lock on it.

These are the words spilling out of the listenerís ear:

Must you always be speaking

Must the words  coming from you

be annoying, cranky, depressing

Must you ask idiotic questions

There are too many ME sounds

and I sounds

and NEED sounds

and WANT sounds

If you must be the center of the Universe

Then let your words spill over me

Let me change my face

to one that makes you think I care

While I think happy thoughts

and pretend that you are in another place and time

far away from me


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